The Housing Partnership Network is a member-driven business collaborative of 100 of the leading housing and community development nonprofits in the country. It was founded 20 years ago by a new breed of entrepreneurial nonprofit that combines social mission with private enterprise to develop solutions to the most challenging problems facing our country.


The HPN approach is based on members sharing best practices through peer exchange from which new ideas emerge for innovation in the housing and community development sectors. The result is a platform of impactful social enterprises that inform our policy recommendations and enhance members' self-sustainabililty.

Our Impact

  • 8.9 million people served
  • 350,000 affordable homes developed
  • $100+ billion of community investment
  • 15,600 employed by HPN members
  • 99 members operating in 50 states
  • 10 social enterprises created

NEXT Opportunity Award

HPN is also an award-winning CDFI and recipient of the prestigious Wells Fargo NEXT Award for industry innovation to expand the Housing Partnership Equity Trust.