High-Performing Nonprofits

The Housing Partnership Network's approximately 100 members are the industry leaders of a new breed of housing and community development nonprofit. These organizations combine the public purpose of traditional nonprofits with the entrepreneurship of the private sector. They are recognized locally and nationally for their innovation, performance and scale while operating as sound businesses.

Network members take a comprehensive approach that views affordable housing as the foundation for strong families and vibrant neighborhoods. To achieve their broad missions, member organizations operate a range of business lines and programs tailored to address the particular needs of the communities and regions they serve. These include:

  • Development of multi- and single-family homes, as well as the ownership and management of affordable rental properties
  • Regionally-based homeownership counseling programs that help to ensure that families are better prepared to rent, buy or retain their homes
  • Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that finance housing, schools, day care centers, community facilities and small businesses
  • Resident service programs to support families, children, seniors and people with special needs

The Network's Board of Directors approves organizations for membership based on their demonstrated commitment to a nonprofit mission, sound business practices, a partnership-based approach, and dedication to collaboration with their peers.