Core Characteristics

HPN members are a select group of high-performing housing and community development nonprofits that share a common set of core characteristics:

  1. Mission-Driven Nonprofits: Independent nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is to develop, preserve, manage and/or finance affordable housing and community facilities, and provide related support services to low-income families, seniors and people with special needs.
  2. Sound Businesses: Nonprofit enterprises with strong executive leadership, professional staff and systems, and a demonstrated track record of financial integrity and performance.
  3. Public-Private Partnerships: Established organizations with leadership seeking to facilitate partnerships with government and private institutions.
  4. Large-Scale Impact: Catalysts for affordable housing production, programs or finance that sponsor large scale initiatives which have the greatest impact in their geographical markets.
  5. Regional Scope: Operate at least on a citywide or regional basis with accountability to the civic leadership of the geographic area(s) they serve.
  6. Culture of Collaboration: Entrepreneurial businesses with a history and commitment of collaborating with peers to improve current industry practices and pursue new opportunities.

HPN's Board of Directors approves organizations for membership based on their commitment to a nonprofit mission, sound business practices, a partnership-based approach, and dedication to collaboration with their peers. If your organization is interested in exploring membership, please complete our Membership Inquiry and Eligibility Form, or contact Jessica Davidson-Sawyer for more information.