Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab was created to bring more discipline and resources to our innovation and enterprise development process. With a generous grant from the Citi Foundation, HPN created the Innovation Lab in 2012. Today, the Lab enables HPN staff to nurture ideas and respond more quickly and nimbly to member needs and marketplace opportunities.

The Innovation Lab focuses on initiatives that:

  • advance our members' missions to strengthen lives, homes and communities
  • promote new and collaborative approaches in affordable housing and community development
  • increase members' organizational capacity and sustainability
  • support HPN's mission to accelerate innovation, impact and sustainability in the housing and community development sector
  • help to deliver strong economic returns to HPN and our members

Innovation Lab staff provide support, coordination and coaching for innovation. They foster ideas, develop initiatives in collaboration with members, work with HPN's board and Innovation Committee, and lead research and feasibility testing. When initiatives move into a start-up mode, R&D Fund resources are applied and the operation is handed over to HPN business groups for execution.