Charter School Financing Partnership

Lending to community facilities

Mid-Pen Hsg. Coalition

The Charter School Financing Partnership (CSFP) is an innovative collaborative between HPN and five CDFI members who are leading lenders to charter schools and other community facilities that foster economic opportunity. Founded in 2008 to access secondary market financing for charter schools, CSFP has deployed more than $14.5 million in credit enhancements which has leveraged more than $165 million in financing for schools serving over 6,600 students from low-income communities. The schools are located in the states of Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Michigan, New Jersey and New York.

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CSFP members are the Housing Partnership Network, Capital Impact Partners, the Reinvestment Fund, the Low Income Investment Fund, the Raza Loan Fund and the Community Reinvestment Fund.

CSFP is now fully deployed. Moving forward, HPN will seek opportunities to work with CDFI members to leverage the collaborative capacity and strength to seek unique financial platforms in the communities where members are working.

For more information, contact Rebecca Regan.

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